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Lake LBJ

Lake LBJ

Crappie Fishing Guide Lake LBJ

With the most abundant population of white Crappie in the Highland Lakes chain, Lake LBJ is an angler’s paradise. Lake LBJ is 22 miles long and even though it’s a popular fishing destination, it still holds many secrets waiting to be revealed by experienced anglers.

Captain Jess Rotherham has been a Crappie fishing guide on Lake LBJ for well over a decade, and is ready to take you on an unforgettable excursion, any time of year. A lot of Lake LBJ fisherman think the Crappie disappear during the Winter months, but Captain Jess still knows where to find them.

If you’re ready to learn some of Jess’s Crappie fishing secrets, schedule a charter on Lake LBJ and find out why it’s recognized as one of the most productive in all of Texas.

Boats & Gear – Crappie Fishing Guide Lake LBJ

Captain Jess Rotherham’s guide service is proud to offer comfortable fishing from a 2001 18ft Shallow Sport vessel, equipped with a powerful 2015 Yamaha SHO 115 horsepower engine. This boat comfortably fishes four people, but if you have more in your party, we can arrange for another guide.

We use Pro Angler fishing rods equipped with quality Shimano reels, so you can trust the gear to perform when you have a trophy fish on the line. We have 4 and 8-foot rods, so that both kids and adults can fish confidently.

During the Springtime months, we fish corks and jigs in the shallows to catch Crappie. In the Summer and Fall, we take the action to the brush piles and fish with either jigs or minnows, depending on the temperament of the Crappie. During the Winter months, we use a specialized technique for Crappie called spider rigging, which works great if you know where to find them.

A Word About Spider Rigging

When targeting Crappie that are suspended in the water column and roaming over large areas, spider rigging is an efficient way to make sure the action stays fast. This is a relatively new technique, but one that Captain Jess has already mastered.

Spider rigging is done by slow trolling multiple rods that are fanned out from the bow of the boat. An extremely slow speed is maintained with our Motor Guide X15 trolling motor, which is essential to success when spider rigging on Lake LBJ.

Winter Crappie are notorious for schooling up in open water to feed on bait-fish anywhere in the water column. When we get into a mess of Crappie, the action is fast and furious, and Lake LBJ holds more fish than any other body of water in the Highland Lakes area.

What makes Winter Crappie fishing most exciting is that fish are often very aggressive and at the peak of their life cycle. If you dream of catching a lake record, you are most likely to accomplish this feat on Lake LBJ during the late Winter months.

Why Choose Captain Jess – Crappie Fishing Guide Lake LBJ

Even with 25 years of Crappie fishing experience, Captain Jess is still learning and perfecting techniques to catch more and better fish. With lake records on multiple Highland Lakes, Captain Jess has proven his mettle when it comes to big Crappie on Texas’s most famous bodies of water.

At Texas Crappie Fishing Service we take great pride in catering to anglers with any level of experience, whether old or young. Our family-friendly approach guarantees you’ll have the time of your life, and if you’re a serious Crappie fisherman in your own right, you may pick up a couple of useful tips.

Contact Capt. Jess today and come and join us for some world-class Crappie fishing on Lake LBJ, and take a shot at setting a lake record of your own.

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