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Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan

Crappie Fishing Guide Lake Buchanan

With the most abundant population of Crappie, stripers, black bass, catfish and Hybrid stripers in the Highland Lakes chain, Lake Buchanan is a fisherman’s paradise. Lake Buchanan dam is over 2 miles long and was built to create a reservoir in 1939. The lake itself is approx. 35 square miles in size. The lake was created by damming up the Colorado River. While the main target species in this lake is stripers and hybrid stripers, there are plenty of large Crappie if you know where to find them.

Captain Jess Rotherham has been a professional Crappie fishing guide on Lake Buchanan for well over a decade, and he is ready to take you on a “good times” fishing trip – weather permitting, whenever you want to go. Many Lake Buchanan fisherman think the Crappie leave town so to speak during the Winter months, but Captain Jess still knows where they hide out.

If you want to learn some of Jess’s reliable Crappie fishing methods, schedule a fishing charter on Lake Buchanan with him and find out why it’s recognized as one of the most popular lakes in Texas for fishing.

Boats & Gear – Crappie Fishing Guide Lake Buchanan

Captain Jess Rotherham’s fishing guide service proudly offers comfortable fishing from his 2001 18ft Shallow Sport vessel, that is equipped with a 2015 Yamaha SHO 115 HP engine. This boat will comfortably fish four people, but if you have more than that in your party, we can make arrangements for an additional guide.

We use Pro Angler rods equipped with high quality Shimano reels. Consequently you can trust the fishing gear to perform properly when you have a trophy fish on it. We have both 4-foot and 8-foot rods, so that both adults and youngsters can fish with confidence.

In the Spring months, we use a lot of corks and jigs in the shallow water to catch Crappie. In the Summer and Fall months, we start fishing brush piles and use either jigs or minnows, depending on the water temperature and the disposition of the fish. During the Winter, we use a specialized technique for Crappie that is called spider rigging. It can work great if you know where to find them.

About Spider Rigging

When going after Crappie that are suspended in the water and roaming over vast areas, spider rigging is an efficient method to make sure the fishing action stays fast. This is a fairly new technique, but one that has been mastered by Captain Jess.

Spider rigging is accomplished by slow trolling a number of rods which are fanned out on the bow of the boat. A very slow speed is accomplished using our Motor Guide X15 trolling motor, which is mandatory for success when spider rigging on Lake Buchanan.

Winter Crappie are known for schooling up in open water to feed on baitfish at all different depths. When we locate a bunch of Crappie, the action is hot and heavy, and Lake Buchanan.

What makes Winter Crappie fishing so exciting is that fish are often really aggressive and they are at the peak of their life cycle. Winter is the time to catch the largest Crappie

Why Choose Captain Jess – Crappie Fishing Guide Lake Buchanan

Even with over 25 years of Crappie fishing experience, Captain Jess is still perfecting his techniques to catch more and larger fish. Holder of lake records on multiple Highland Lakes, Captain Jess has proven he is the Crappie Whisperer on Texas’s most famous bodies of water.

At Texas Crappie Fishing Service we take pride in catering to fishermen with any level of experience, whether you are young or old. Our family-friendly approach guarantees you’ll have a really good time, and if you’re a serious Crappie fisherman, you may learn a useful trick or two.

Contact Capt. Jess today and come and join us for some world-class Crappie fishing on Lake Buchanan, and take a shot at a lake record of your own.

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